2022 4th International Conference on Internet of Things, Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IoTAAI 2022)

Dear experts/scholars,

        In order to promote the spirit of the conference, broaden research ideas, understand academic development trends, and promote the exchange of academic results, this conference will select the best papers and excellent scholar reports and other awards, the specific requirements and evaluation rules are as follows.

1. Selection of the best paper

A. For papers that have been registered and paid for, at least one author should attend the conference offline and give an oral presentation.

B. The best paper award will be selected by the program committee and the top three will be selected on merit.

2. Selection of Outstanding Scholar's Report

The organizing committee and the guests of the conference will select the top three best presentations based on the creativity, applicability, technical advantages, PowerPoint presentation and English expression.

3. Award mechanism

A. The best paper will be awarded 300 RMB/person

B. Outstanding scholar's report will be awarded RMB 500/person

C. The prizes will not be stacked and will be collected by the teacher in charge of the conference after the conference with the award certificate.

*The final interpretation right belongs to IoTAAI 2022 Organizing Committee.

If you have any questions about the content of this selection, please consult the person in charge of the conference: Iris Wang

Cell phone / WeChat: +86-13422186485